Immerse Yourself in the Future of Networking Tech


Business today moves at hyperspeed. Applications, services, and data are becoming more distributed, while today’s IT infrastructure consists of a complex mix of data centers, clouds, branches, and edges. IT leaders like yourself need to rethink how to connect and protect businesses in this new multi-cloud era, and take every advantage to stay ahead (or keep up).


Join us in DELHI and hear from VMware Network and Security experts on how you can transform networking & security to create an agile, programmable network infrastructure that can meet the business demands of the multi-cloud world.

During this 3-hour interactive session, you’ll learn how a Virtual Cloud Network delivers:


  • A software-based cloud networking fabric with embedded security and end-to-end consistency
  • Dynamic scaling in cross-cloud environments
  • Automation to reduce app and network deployment times
  • A path to a Zero Trust networking model through micro-segmentation
  • New levels of network visibility and real-time analytics


...all through technical sessions, product demos, and 1-on-1 time with VMware Network and Security experts.


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